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We have been selected all our candidates with the high standard of background and experience screening. As a Crew agency, we selected the crew who are speaking English fluently, even by speaking, reading and writing. They also mandatory need to have required experiences, competencies, knowledges and capability of their position will be, that they are going to assigned for.  We experienced expertise in dealing with seafarers, maritime union and local authorities, enabling the management team to advise owners or clients on the suitability and practicality of various ship  crewing options for their vessels


  • Job vacancies available.
  • Candidates screening, back ground checking, screening.
  • Candidates interview [by agent].
  • Crew list.
  • User interview.
  • Marlin test.
  • User or owner approval.
  • Crew medical check up examination.
  • Contract agreement sign.
  • Ticket and departure.
  • Ready on board.


Our company has been fortunate to assemble a skilled and professional management and operations team, each with the experience and knowledge to handle all related international shipping and transport.

Providing of competent officers and crew who are certified as required and also qualified as necessary considered for the vessel and the trade. Managing or arranging their joining or their repatriation, as required, including all clearence, medical examination, etc.


  1. We offer our clients a customized crew management service from individuals to crewing for a whole fleet. We can provide all disciplines and resources labor from any region around the world utilizing our global network and locations.
  2. Our crew management service package includes :
    1. Crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew
    2. Payment of wages and leave with overtime, service, bonuses,etc. of officers and crew
    3. Medical examinations and fitness certificates
    4. Ticket accommodations, etc
    5. Transportation and port clearance
    6. Sign on – sign off contract from harbor authorities

“We believe quality is about people. Our motivated people work within a disciplines quality culture which has been built decades of commitment to quality. The unrivaled standard of customer service synonymous with our reputation is driven by the dedicated “hands-on” approach of our management team. Our standing safety record high light that safety does not have to be Compromised in order to serve other business interest, we believe that shipping can coexist in harmony with an absolute respect for our environment.”